Our Team

Michael D. Williams

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer owning 100% of the company stock. Active in the day-to-day affairs of the company. 100% stockholder and President of North American Construction Services, Inc., a nationwide Fund Control/Escrow firm. 100% stockholder and President of Beacon Financial Acquisition Corporation, a firm engaged in leasing, account receivable financing, and bridge loans.
Duties include: budget forecasting, marketing, new product innovation, data management, and legal matters. Personal: Michael travels frequently between the Home Office, Tampa Office, and Phoenix Office. He is single and enjoys traveling with friends, often visiting his daughters along the way. When possible, he enjoys hosting friends and family for ATV rides, boating, and snowmobiling in Wisconsin.Background:
The Aetna Casualty & Surety Company, promoted to Bond Manager of Minneapolis Office in 1987. (1982 to 1989)
Branch Manager of Amwest Insurance Company, Minneapolis Office $2.8 million dollar branch. (1989 to 1991)
Vice President of The Fairfield Company in charge of Surety operations. (1991 to 1998)

William J. Nemec

Senior Vice President /Chief Financial Officer/Secretary


Charged with the oversight and review of all financial matters related to the company including but not limited to financial reporting, banking, IS, and coordinator of benefits. Duties include: Internal auditing of accounts receivable and payable, internal financial statements, coordinator of corporate benefits.

Administration Manager of CCI Surety, Inc. (1998-Present)
Senior Underwriter, The Fairfield Company, charged with underwriting contractor accounts in MN, ND, SD, WI, IA. (1994-1998)
Senior Bond Underwriter Amwest Surety Insurance Company. (1989-1993)
Bond underwriting department with The Aetna Casualty & Surety Company. (1983-1989)

Jeremy J. Crawford



Jeremy has been underwriting non-standard contract bonds since the inception of CCI Surety in 2001. Over the years he has seen many contractors that had great capabilities but had low credit scores, limited financial preparation or other challenges. He currently oversees all underwriting operations and is still involved daily with our largest accounts up to and over our in-house authority of $3,000,000 all the way down to our Small Contractor Program that focuses on accounts that are $400,000 and declined by standard market quick programs because of low credit score. Jeremy has had a long history of utilizing tools like Funds Control and the SBA Bond Guarantee program to help contractors who have difficulty obtaining bonds.

Andrea J. Michael Haight – MBA

Vice President

SBA Bond Agent of the Year!


CCI Surety’s expanding national footprint was accelerated by Andrea’s development. She started our Southeast Region office in Tampa, FL and continues to work in supporting all offices. Now based in the Home Office back in Minnesota, Andrea focuses on contract bond accounts larger $400,000 all the way up to $3,000,000+. She brings experienced depth to our underwriting and management teams. She has over 15 years of experience handling non-standard contract bonds of all sizes and is experienced in rebuilding surety credit for large contractors that are emerging from difficult situations.

Active with the company since 2003.

Tanya M. Fukushima – AFSB

Senior Bond Underwriter


Tanya started as a multi-tool underwriter working in both our contract bond department and with our commercial bond department during its inception. As CCI Surety grew, she focused her expertise on contract bonds and is one of our most experienced underwriters. She has also developed as our go-to for larger reclamation and subdivision bonds while still underwriting new Performance & Payment Bond accounts. Her experience in multiple areas of underwriting continues to be a resource for new underwriters in all departments and locations.

Active with the company since 2004.

Billy Gerber

Small Contractor Manager


Our Small Contractor Program started in 2016 and Billy Gerber has been underwriting this program since its inception. He started as an underwriting assistant in 2010 and worked with our contract bond underwriters on all types of contract bonds. He now manages CCI’s Small Contractor Bonding Team.  CCI utilizes many programs to underwrite and approve bonds for principals who typically work on projects up to $400k. We can even utilize the SBA Quick Program, Funds Control, additional indemnity, or other tools to help agents write bonds for contractors with low credit score or other issues obtaining bonds.  Billy and his team also handle all subdivision and reclamation bond needs up to $400k.  Reach out directly at wgerber@ccisurety.com

Active with the company since 2010.

Sydney Epema

Bond Underwriter


Responsibilities include handling bond production, reporting and general office management.

Active with the company since 2014.

Brad Quiri

Southeast Regional Manager


Brad’s responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the day to day operations of the Southeast Region.  He has been underwriting non-standard contract bonds since the launch of CCI Surety’s Southeast Region in 2010.  Duties include overseeing the Underwriting team, working closely with our marketing team to help drive business and continue to develop relationships as well as still being hands on with underwriting key accounts. The underwriting team focuses on non-standard Bid and Performance & Payments Bonds up to $3,000,000 and also handles many other types of contract bonds in the Southeast Region.

Prior to joining CCI Surety, Inc. Brad played golf professionally on various tours with the most notable being the Nationwide Tour and Hooters Pro Golf Tour.  He attended the University of South Florida on a golf scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Business Management in 2005.

Active with the company since 2010

Amanda Quigley

Bond Underwriter


Amanda joined CCI Surety late in 2016 and quickly focused on our non-standard underwriting techniques. Amanda previously led a virtual support team and has enjoyed linking those skills with our hands on approach to helping insurance agents handle their client’s bond needs. In Tampa, she never hesitates to take advantage of all of the beach activities and you just might find her on a stand-up paddle board patrolling the area.

Active with the company since 2016.


Michelle Anderson

Sr. Account Executive – Commercial Surety


Charged with the underwriting responsibilities for the commercial surety division of the company i.e. license, permit, misc. surety, and fidelity.

Active with the company since 2008.

Allison Lemke

Commercial Surety Manager


Responsibilities include underwriting license, permit, misc. surety, and fidelity bonds.

Active with the company since 2012.

Kayla Snook

Commercial Renewal Specialist


Kayla leads all commercial renewal systems as well as participates in developing new systems to improve renewal efficiency and conversion percentages.

Active with the company since 2016.

Aaron Bruggeman

Vice President


In charge of business development for CCI Surety, Inc. in their territory which includes all 50 states. Responsible for relationship management with current and past clients. Charged with new growth through surety agents. Market CCI Surety and NACS Escrow products throughout the U.S. Involved in Surety Associations and the NASBP. Duties also include creating and delivering new marketing materials.

Active with company since 2008.

Joe Allen

Business Development


Responsible for marketing and developing business nationwide. Duties include: Developing new relationships and educating agencies of all CCI Surety capabilities, website maintenance & blog posts, running various statistical marketing reports, and company & industry e-blast updates.

Active with the company since 2013.

Jim Dillenburg

Chief Marketing Analyst


Charged with facilitating marketing strategy meetings and integrating strategies between marketing, contract underwriting, commercial underwriting and accounting. Responsibilities also include marketing analysis including reports on marketing efficiency, results, and projections. Additional marketing duties include phone, email and print marketing efforts.

Active with company since 2005.

Abby Mitchell – AFSB

Agency Accounting Specialist


Responsibilities include accounts receivable, company and agency statements, invoicing, licensing and assisting the Commercial surety department with bond renewals.

Active with the company since 2007.

Stephanie Freeland



Stephanie began her career in CCI’s Commercial Bond Department. She has since entered into an accounting role where she continues to use her past experience. Responsibilities include accounts payable, commissions, reconciliations, as well as assisting with escrow and payroll.

Active with the company since 2011.