How does the application process work?

First, you need to submit either the appropriate application or a copy of any application materials you have filled out for other markets. If you are unsure which materials to submit, simply call or request to connect with an underwriter directly. Then an underwriter will review the materials, typically within 24-48 business hours. At this point you may receive a quote for you bond, a request for additional information, or in some cases we may not be able to offer a quote.

Once you receive the quote, you decide if you want to proceed with the bond. If you proceed, payment arrangements are made, final paperwork is signed, and the bond is issued.


Why should I choose CCI?

The biggest advantage you gain from working with CCI Surety is that we offer a full range of non-standard options on contract bond needs. Whether its utilizing funds control, third party indemnity, collateral as working capital, or the SBA Bond Guarantee program, we are adept at using a variety of tools. We have enough experienced staff to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

For commercial bonds CCI Surety has the ability to approve bonds with in-house underwriting authority or to broker your bond need for the best option available.


How are contractors who need a Surety Bond evaluated?

The Surety industry evaluates three basic factors, known as the three “C’s”. They are:

  • Character – Does the Principal’s record suggest good character? Do they follow through with their obligations?
  • Capacity – Does the Principal have the skill, experience, and knowledge necessary to perform their obligations?
  • Capital – Does the Principal have the financial wherewithal to support or finance the completion of the project?