Contract Bonds

The term contract bonds can cover a variety of bond types including bid, performance & payment, subdivision, and some miscellaneous bonds. The main advantage to using CCI Surety is that our underwriters are trained in multiple tools used to help write accounts that have difficulties obtaining bonds. We are a leader in using the U.S. SBA Bond Guarantee Program, Funds Control, Third Party Indemnity and Collateral as Working Capital and you will receive a full review of all options from our underwriters.


Bid – Performance & Payment – Subdivision – Reclamation – Maintenance – Supply

Both bid and performance & payment bonds generally require the same application process. Maintenance and Supply bonds will require similar info, but will almost always require financial information no matter the bond size. Subdivision and reclamation bonds will have different applications and underwriting requirements. All are considered contract bonds.



Please choose from our applications below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of which application applies to your need. Lastly, if you have already prepared an application or file for other markets, we can always start the underwriting process using that existing file. Please submit your information to or call (866) 317-3294 to start the process.

Small Contractor Program Application – Projects $500,000 and under

Contract Bond Application – Projects over $500,000 – Additional forms needed:

Subdivision Bond Application – Additional Required Information:

  • Corporate/Personal Financials, Subdivision Agreement, Engineer Estimates, Funding Verification and Bond Form.

Reclamation Bond Application – Additional Required Information:

  • Corporate/Personal Financials, Copy of the approved plan, Bond forms

Maintenance Bond Application – Typically will require company and personal financials no matter the bond size

Supply Bond Application –Please include corporate and personal financials

If you have filled out an existing application for another market, you can send the existing file to us directly to start the underwriting process.


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