BMC-84 Bond

New $75,000 BMC-84 Bond

As the dust settles on the October 1st BMC-84 Bond rush, we are now into the next phase where sureties are now in a position to potentially back date bonds in order for Frieght Brokers required to obtain the to be in compliance with the new regulations. The new $75,000.00 bonds that have been completed are already in force but there are still new accounts looking to obtaining bonding during the FMCSA grace period and while sureties are still willing to backdate BMC-84 Bonds. We are still able to accept our one page application found below. This program issues bonds without collateral and does not require financial information. If there is financial information, especially CPA reviewed financials, then the rate could be reduced. There is still time to get BMC-84 Bonds issued and backdated to October 1st in order to be in compliance with the new regulations.

BMC-84 Bond Application

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Jim Dillenburg

All commercial bond business (including BMC-84 Bonds) are handled through the home office.
All commercial bond business (including BMC-84 Bonds) are handled through the home office.

Our Southeast Region office handles bad credit bond situations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Our Home Office handles bad credit bond situations in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington D.C.


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Please Note: We can always get started working on submissions or applications that you have already prepared for other markets.


CCI Surety, Inc. specializes in hard to place contract bonds that may have previously been declined by other sureties. We use different kinds of tools which allow us the freedom to think outside the box with our underwriting strategy.  We are able to get comfortable with difficult situations using escrow / funds control, SBA Surety Bond Guarantee program and working capital deposits as different options to get the bond approved.  CCI also has a very successful 3 x 5 program, which allows us to approve single bonds up to $300k and / or an aggregate program up to $500k, with just a two page application and no financials required.  On commercial bond business we handle both standard and non standard business.


Contract Bonds

–          Multiple Markets

–          Can Provide A+ rated bonds

–          $3M in-house authority, up to $15M from home office

–          Quick Turn around

–          No Agency Requirements


SBA Backed Bonds

–          2012 National SBA Bond Producer of the Year

–          Potential to approve bonds even with negative working capital

–          SBA Bond Program now covers bonds up to $6.5M and in some cases $10M


Commercial Bonds

–          Standard and Non-Standard Bonds

–          Experienced staff specialized in handling Commercial Bond needs

–          License and Permit, Fidelity, ERISA, Business Services and Court Bonds

–          Miscellaneous Bonds