Bond Services in Illinois

Bond Services in Illinois

CCI Surety has always provided Bond Services in Illinois. While all of our underwriters and marketing team are licensed in insurance and can handle bonds in Illinois, our Southwest Regional office provides Bond Services in Illinois. CCI Surety does not handle any insurance so you can rely on our expertise on surety bonds while maintaining your own insurance relationships with clients in Illinois.

Contract Bond Services in Illinois

Contract Bonds include Bid Bonds, Performance and Payment Bonds, and many other types of bonds that are required by a third party and connected to contract between two or more parties. CCI Surety provides Contract Bond Services that focus on bonds that are challenging to place in Illinois. Our contract bond services in Illinois are handled by underwriters experienced working with contractors that have low credit scores, no CPA financials, or other financial issues.

Commercial Bond Services in Illinois

CCI Surety also has a dedicated group of underwriters providing Commercial Bond Services in Illinois. There are many different types of commercial bonds. Like our contract bond services in Illinois our commercial bond service team in Illinois focuses on non-standard bond situations. This includes clients that may have been declined because of low credit score. Some commercial bonds in Illinois are more difficult to place or can only be placed with a narrow range of markets. In these situations we can also provide bond services in Illinois on strong accounts that may have no credit or financial issues.

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Bond Services in Illinois
Illinois Bond Servicess are located in our Home Office in Illinois

CCI Surety specializes in hard to place contract bonds. Our commercial department handles both standard and non-standard commercial surety bond needs. Our bond services team have the capability to write bonds in all 50 states.

If you are not an insurance professional and would like to work with one, we can direct you to one in your area. Please submit your contact information via the contact area or chat with us below to submit more information.

Bond Services in Illinois – Information

Learn more about each of our bond services team on our personnel page.

Contract Bond Applications

Bid, Payment & Performance Bonds Under $400,000 Application
SBA Bid, Payment & Performance Bond Over $400,000 Application
Subdivision Bond Application

Commercial Bond Applications

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Application
License and Permit Bond Application
BMC-84 (Freight or Property Broker) Application
Wage & Welfare Bond Application
Utility Bond Application
Lost Title Bond Application
Probate/Guardian Bond Application
Civil Court Bond Application
Business Service Application
ERISA Bond Application
DEMPOS (Medicare) Bonds Application
Fidelity/Crime Protection Contact Us
-This type of bond varies by type and amount, send us more information about the bond need to receive the correct application


SBA Bond Services
CCI Surety provides Bond Services in Illinois and Nationwide with experienced underwriters in each office.

Please Note: We can always get started working on Surety Bond submissions or applications that you have already prepared for other markets.

CCI Surety, Inc. specializes in hard to place contract bonds that may have previously been declined by other sureties and provides Bond Services in Illinois. We use different kinds of tools which allow us the freedom to think outside the box with our underwriting strategy. We are able to get comfortable with difficult situations using escrow / funds control, SBA Surety Bond Guarantee program and working capital deposits as different options to get the bond approved. The commercial department handles both standard and non-standard Illinois Surety Bond needs.


Contract Bonds

– Multiple Markets

– Can Provide A+ rated bonds

– $3M in-house authority, up to $15M from home office