Payment and Performance Bonds

CCI Surety handles payment and performance bonds and specializes in what is typically called the non-standard market. Non-standard market bonds can include accounts that have low personal credit scores, negative working capital, or other financial issues. The type of work performed can also make payment and performance bonds fall into the non-standard market. There are also circumstances were financially strong companies require an payment and performance bonds from a non-standard market because of other factors like stretching beyond their current bond limit or performing work outside their normal territory or scope of work.

CCI Surety uses all information available to help underwrite bonds. Typically our underwriters utilize project specific information when considering payment and performance bonds. Things like an individuals past experience can help an underwriter approve a bond for a particular project even if the company itself does not have a deep history.

A typical account for our underwriters is a contractor that handles projects between $100,000.00 and $3,000,000.00. It is important to note that we can handle larger projects but typically we see projects in this range. Our contractors often have one or more of the difficulties mentioned above. Typically we use funds control, SBA Bond Guarantee Program, Working Capital Deposits, or a combination of those tools in order to get more difficult payment and performance bonds written. Requirements vary based on the size of the project. For payment and performance bonds under $1M we may be able to underwrite the bond with in-house financials.