Larger Bonds

Larger Bonds

Contractors can be pre-qualified for larger bonds

CCI Surety focuses on helping contractors obtain larger bonds. Sometimes a contractor may be able to qualify for bonds through quick programs that limit the size of project that can be bonded. With standard markets, larger bonds often require CPA prepared financial statements in order to qualify. CCI Surety makes every effort to extend surety credit for larger bonds without requiring CPA financials.

Getting Started on Larger Bonds over $400,000
CCI Surety can start to pre-qualify contractors for larger bonds from applications and submissions that have already been filled out for other markets. If no applications have been previously filled out, you can start with the CCI Surety Application for larger bonds.
No Minimum Credit Score for Larger Bonds
Credit score is also a factor when applying for larger bonds. CCI Surety is a non-standard bond market. Although we do review credit for problems, there is not a specific minimum credit score that is required in order to qualify for most types of bonds. Contractors may still qualify for larger bonds, even if they have been declined because of a low credit score.

In addition to Bid, Performance and Pyament, and many other types of Contract Bonds, our commercial surety bond department handles a wide variety of other types of bonds.


If you have any questions about surety bonds declined for low credit score or need more information about our Bond Application, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Bond Declined for Low Credit Score




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