Lottery Bond

Lottery Bond Up to $250,000

CCI Surety handles Lottery Bonds, even with a low credit score. In fact, in most cases CCI Surety does not require a credit report in order to issue lottery bonds under $250,000. The only thing we need to get started is the application below.

Lottery Bond Application

What is a Lottery Bond?

Most states require lottery bonds for businesses that sell lottery tickets or operate lottery machines. This means convenience stores, gas stations, and other businesses selling lottery tickets are likely being required to purchase a surety bond. This particular bond ensures that money collected by the business for lottery sales is appropriately paid to the state. It also ensures that the retail will follow the rules and regulations of the lottery in the state.

Clients Declined for a Lottery Bond

Many markets may decline a lottery bond because of a low credit score or other situations. Since CCI Surety has programs that do not require a credit report, we often have options even if your client has been declined for a lottery bond in the past.
You can call CCI Surety directly, use the ‘connect with an underwriter’ area on this page or “Chat Now” below during business hours. It is also possible to get started with the applications below:

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