Still thinking about who to refer to?

Post by – Joe Allen –

Still thinking about who to refer to?

CCI Surety has had the privilege of being a referral resource for many standard market underwriters throughout the country for 20 years. We are licensed in all 50 states and can assist in contract and commercial bonding.


You may be thinking:

“What types of bonds can you write?” – It’s easier to list the bonds we cannot write. See the below list for some of the bonds we can help with.
“Do our agents need to sign a contract with you?” – Nope! We do not require agency contracts or appointment’s.
“Do you write any standard bonds?” – Nope! We specifically write accounts that have been declined by standard markets.
“What happens if my agent contact you with a standard market bond?” – We advise all of our agents to first, reach out to their standard markets. We also link each agent with the underwriter/market that referred them. This allows us to point them back in your direction!
“There was no reason to refer the bond over, even CCI would decline this account.” – CCI has many tools that allow us to underwrite accounts which are seen elsewhere as an automatic no. If you think there is no way anyone would write a certain bond account, think again! Always keep CCI in mind when you’re turning something down.

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