Why should you send to CCI Surety?

Post by – Joe Allen –

Are you working on a new Performance & Payment bond?


Does your contractor have an upcoming bid bond need?


Don’t delay, submit today!

Declinations due to:
✯Quality of Financial Statements✯
✯Lack of Financial Statements✯
✯Past Experience✯
✯New Entity✯
✯Past Bankruptcy✯


Why should you send to CCI Surety?


  1. We have over 165 years of combined contract surety underwriting experience.
  2. In-house underwriting authority. You work directly with the underwriter reviewing your account.
  3. The best customer service!
  4. Competitive rates.
  5. Intelligent and successful people do it.


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Have you recently received a declination from your standard market? If so, send the account over! Simply email jallen@ccisurety.com or give us a call at (866) 317-3294.