CCI Surety, Inc is an underwriter for Contract, Commercial and Miscellaneous Surety Bonds.

CCI announces its 3X5 Surety Program

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Call CCI for a one page application and approval based upon credit. CCI will write single bonds (bid, payment and performance) up to $300,000 and provide an aggregate backlog of $500,000. This is a credit driven program where the individual owners must have a 650 or better beacon score to qualify. If they do not fit this program, we have other programs which may be applicable.

Call us today for the specifics of this new surety bond program.

CCI Partners with Ullico Casualty Company

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CCI Surety, Inc. is a Managing General Underwriter for Ullico Casualty Company which has a U.S. Treasury Listing of $5.8 Million and licensure in 48 states. Click here for more information.

CCI Surety has also partnered with Ullico Casualty Company for Wage and Welfare Program. Contact CCI for details regarding this program, or Wage and Welfare Ullico for the application.

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