Bad Credit Bond

How To Handle Bonds in Bad Credit Situations Bad Credit Bond situations come in many forms and we see a lot of accounts that have bad credit or other challenges. Obtaining a bad credit bond can be challenging for contractors and insurance agents that do not have a relationship with a surety that handles bonds […]

BMC-84 Freight Broker Bonds

BMC-84 Freight Broker Bonds As the October 1st change to $75,000 bond requirements approach, many agents and brokers are still scrambling to find homes for their BMC-84 Bonds(formerly ICC Property or Freight Broker Bonds). At this time we are still able to get quotes out but those quotes will soon need to be evaluated after […]

Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Renewal

To clarify on our previous message about Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Renewal, we do handle both the $25,000.00 and the $10,000.00 version with the same bond application found below. Thanks again and don’t hesitate to contact us with any quesitons. Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Application   Jim Dillenburg CCI Surety, Inc. 866-317-3294 […]

Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Renewal

Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Renewal August when the renewal process for Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds in Alabama must be renewed. Our commercial department handles Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds in Alabama and we’d be happy to offer you a competitive quote or work on accounts that have weakened and are no longer qualified for their […]

BMC – 84 Bonds Must Be Paid and Filed by October 1st

Documents and payment related to BMC-84 quotes must be received before October 1st in order to guarantee they will be in place by the October 1st FMCSA deadline. Previously it was believed that the bond could be back dated to October 1st as long as it was received before October 31st. This has changed and […]

Freight Brokers – Revocatoin of Authority

We have been keeping you up to date as much as possible on the change to the $75,000 requirement on freight brokers (BMC-84) bonds. This week the FMCSA has sent out “Revocation of Authority Notices” to freight brokers. If you haven’t already, it is approaching crunch time to reach out to your clients and be […]

BMC – 84 Cancellation Notices

Welcome back from the holiday weekend! Some of your clients may be receiving cancellation notices from their surety as early as this week on their $10,000 BMC-84 Bond (formerly the ICC Property Broker Bond). As we have mentioned in the past, the bond requirement for these bonds is increasing to $75,000.00 on October 1st, 2013 […]


BMC-84 Bonds CCI Surety, Inc. Quick Hits – BMC-84 Bonds July, 2013 *UPDATED 5/3/2018 We are excited to announce that we are still quoting the $75,000.00 BMC-84 Bond with very competitive rates. With this program we may also be able to help new companies attain this bond. Get started Now 1. Reply to this email […]

Florida Expansion!

We are happy to announce the new office location for our Tampa, FL office. We hope our clients find the new location more convenient and the expansion of our Southeast Regional office will allow increased capacity to handle accounts that are turned away by standard markets or standard accounts that need to stretch beyond their […]

New SBA Bond Guarantee Program

This February we were excited to report the increases to the new SBA Bond Guarantee Program. In March, we are even more excited to report that we are already having success utilizing the program for bonds that would have previously been too large for the SBA Bond Guarantee Program. Most recently, our Florida Office was […]