The CCI Surety Quick Program

Post by – Joe Allen –

The CCI Surety Quick Program

Our small contractor program is focused on helping new and emerging contractors grow and obtain the bond programs they need!

✯For contractors looking to bond projects $400,000 and under✯

✯No minimum credit score requirement✯

✯Financial statements typically not required✯

Here are some real life examples and how we were able to help

$57,000 and $122,000 Performance & Payment Bonds
  • Roofing Company less than 1 year old.
  • The owner had a prior personal bankruptcy in 2008. They have since recovered and now have excellent credit.
  • We were able to get this approved with their personal financial statements!
4 separate Performance bond needs for the same contractor – $350,000/$250,000/$147,000/$64,000
  • Other markets had decided to decline as they were not comfortable bonding the aggregate amount.
  • We were able to get all 4 bonds approved with in-house financial statements!
$400,000 Performance & Payment Bond
  • The contractor had been in business for less than a year.
  • The project was more than twice the amount of any project they had completed in the past.
  • CCI was able to approve through our Quick App Program with a credit check and a resume showing they had good experience from a previous employer!



Contact CCI Surety

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