Is your market declining due to bond type?

Post by – Joe Allen –

If you have recently received notice that your market can no longer write any of the below bond needs, let us know! CCI Surety has the capability to assist in all of the bonds listed below and many more.

✯Motor Vehicle Dealer (MVD) Bonds – CCI can offer competitive rates in ALL STATES!✯
✯H2A Farm Labor Bonds✯
✯ERISA Bonds✯
✯Florida Agricultural Dealer Bonds✯
✯Health/Fitness/Spa Club Bonds✯
✯ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) Bonds✯
✯Yacht Dealer/Broker Bonds✯
Some Yacht Dealer Bonds can be instant issued!
✯Charter Operator Bonds✯
✯Medicare/Medicaid Bid Bonds✯
✯North Carolina Contractor’s License Bonds (Performance)✯
✯Athletic Promoter Bonds✯
Some Athletic Promoter Bonds can be instant issued!
✯$100,000 LLC Employee/Worker Bonds✯
✯Union Wage & Welfare Bonds✯
✯Currency Exchange Bonds✯
✯Customs Bonds✯
✯BMC-84/ICC Broker Bonds✯
✯Freight Forwarder Bonds✯
✯Texas Mixed Beverage/Gross Receipts Sales Tax Bonds✯

REMINDER – FL MVD Bonds expire on 4/30


Our Commercial Bond Department

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