Larger Bond Line

Larger Bond Line Prepare your contractor to participate in the coming infrastructure spending boom with larger bond lines while avoiding collateral. Many parts of the country are experiencing construction optimism both in the quantity of projects available and the size of the projects. Larger projects take up capacity for large contractors and that leaves more […]

BMC-84 Bond

BMC-84 Bonds – Claims and Other Factors Freight Brokers were required to increase their bond size to $75,000. Initially these bonds were expensive and very difficult to place. Multiple factors have changed in the last few years and some Freight Brokers are looking to return to the industry after deciding to forego the more difficult […]

How bid bonds protect government agencies

Bid bonds are an essential link in any government project, meaning it’s a smart idea to learn how these products function and how they fit into the overall scope of working with contractors. The fact is that while bid bonds might not be the most exciting topic you’ll ever research, they might just ensure your […]

Bond Application

Bond Application The applications below can be used in situations where contractors have been declined for bonds by standard markets, or if standard markets do not approve contractors for large enough bonds. CCI Surety bond applications cover situations where a contractor may have a low credit score, working capital issues, or other financials issues. In […]

Small Contractor Surety Bond Program

Small Contractor Surety Bond Program – $400,000 and Under Small Contract Applications– For Projects $400,000 and under SBA Supplemental Information – Include for consideration for the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Programs No Credit Score Minimum CCI Surety, Inc. utilizes multiple tools to handle contractors that have low credit scores but still require bonding. We still […]

Payment and Performance Bonds

Payment and Performance Bonds   Bid Bonds Bid bonds are normally a precursor to needing a Payment and Performance Bonds. Anytime that a bid bond it issued, it is a signal that the surety intends to provide a Payment and Performance bond for the contractor. The underwriter working on your Bid Bond usually reviews the […]

BMC-84 Bond Renewal

$75,000 BMC-84 Bond  Renewal   1 Page Application – No Financials Required In 2013, the FMSCA increased the bond requirement for BMC-84 (Formerly ICC Freight Brokers) Bonds from $10,000 to $75,000. Starting in July and August, freight brokers and their insurance agents will start receiving renewal notices for their BMC-84 Bonds. It is important that […]

BMC-84 Bond

New $75,000 BMC-84 Bond As the dust settles on the October 1st BMC-84 Bond rush, we are now into the next phase where sureties are now in a position to potentially back date bonds in order for Frieght Brokers required to obtain the to be in compliance with the new regulations. The new $75,000.00 bonds […]

Quick Application

Quick application programs are great tools when your contractor fits into the program but there are important things to remember about quick program limitations and what to do if your account does not fit the program.Quick application programs are not necessarily a “Non-Standard” option. Many accounts that cannot fit into a typical quick program can […]