Release of Lien Bond

Release of Lien Bond In most situations, Release of Lien Bonds are written with 100% Collateral as a condition. CCI Surety has options without 100% collateral requirements with clients with a range of credit scores and financial strength. The strongest accounts with high credit scores and strong financial information may have Release of Lien Bonds […]

Larger Bonds

Larger Bonds Contractors can be pre-qualified for larger bonds CCI Surety focuses on helping contractors obtain larger bonds. Sometimes a contractor may be able to qualify for bonds through quick programs that limit the size of project that can be bonded. With standard markets, larger bonds often require CPA prepared financial statements in order to […]

Bond Declined for Low Credit Score

Bond Declined for Low Credit Score In some situations, bonds can be quickly obtained based on credit score. Unfortunately, these programs are often limited to analyzing only credit score and that could result in a bond declined for low credit score. It these situations it is not time to give up. CCI Surety can often […]

SBA Quick Bond Program

SBA Quick Bond Program SBA Quick Bond Program Increase to $400,000 SBA Quick Bond Application The SBA Quick Bond Program, previously capped at $250,000, is designed to help contractors that are declined from other programs due to low credit score or other reasons. The SBA Quick Bond program is now being extended up to $400,000 […]

P3 Projects

P3 Projects or Public Private Partnerships P3 Projects in the news There is bipartisan agreement in Washington, D.C. that an infrastructure bill is needed. How that agreement is made and when it is passed remains in question. One thing that appears certain is that P3 Projects are going to be a part of the solution. […]

Bond Questions

Bond Quesitons Even Bond Experts Have Bond Questions It is impossible to be an expert on all types of bonds. There are new types of bonds required every year and the ones that already exist often change. Having a strong network to ask bond questions is a key to providing prompt service for your clients. […]

Bond Turnaround

Bond Turnaround Time Expect Quick Bond Turnaround Time from CCI Surety Other markets, even non-standard markets have changing appetites. Some sureties change their focus to larger projects or to preferred agents when things get busy and this can affect turnaround time. If you notice a change in the the bond turnaround time you receive from […]

Larger Bond Line

Larger Bond Line Prepare your contractor to participate in the coming infrastructure spending boom with larger bond lines while avoiding collateral. Many parts of the country are experiencing construction optimism both in the quantity of projects available and the size of the projects. Larger projects take up capacity for large contractors and that leaves more […]

BMC-84 Bond

BMC-84 Bonds – Claims and Other Factors Freight Brokers were required to increase their bond size to $75,000. Initially these bonds were expensive and very difficult to place. Multiple factors have changed in the last few years and some Freight Brokers are looking to return to the industry after deciding to forego the more difficult […]

CCI Surety Account Profile – No Collateral

Account Profile – $2,322,000 Final Bond We often work with agents and contractors that see collateral as an easy way to obtain bonding. In this instance a new agent to CCI had a DBE contractor that was running a successful business but the financials were not improving. The contractor was at a crossroads, he was […]