Numerous Upcoming 12/31 Renewals

Post by – Joe Allen –
With the upcoming holidays, many renewals will be rapidly approaching.
If you’re working on a new bond need or if your client is being non-renewed, let us know! CCI Surety can offer competitive rates on commercial surety!
✯AL – $10K Residential Roofer Bonds (instant issue)✯
✯IL – $50K Motor Vehicle Dealer (designated agent) Bonds✯
✯IL – Payday Loan License Bonds✯
✯IL – Money Transmitter Bonds✯
✯KS – Pesticide Business License Bonds✯
✯LA – $50K Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds✯
✯MA – Professional Solicitor and Commercial Co-Ventures Bonds✯
✯MI – Investment Advisor Bonds✯
✯MI – Loan Originator Bonds✯
✯NE – $50K Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond✯
✯NE – Collection Agency Bonds✯
✯NY – $1K Independent Adjuster Bonds (instant issue)✯
✯OH – Sewage Treatment Bonds✯
✯TX – Comptroller Bonds – MBGRT, MBST, and Sales Tax (all limits)✯
✯TX – Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Bonds✯
✯WV – $100K DMV Bonds✯


There are various small city, town, and county License & Permit bonds with upcoming 12/31 expiration dates. CCI Surety has options to instant issue!

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