Real Examples of Bonds We Issued and How

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Real Examples of Bonds We Issued and How

CCI Surety can help many different types of contractors with various bond types and sizes. Here are some real life scenarios we’ve received and how we were able to assist.


$866,000 Bid bond

✯Large company with few bond needs✯
✯Project was for modular wall design & installation✯
✯Approved with corporate indemnity only✯


$1,300,000 Subdivision Bond

✯2-year period to guarantee the completion of the subdivision infrastructure (roads, curb, gutter, sewer and water improvements, etc.)✯
✯Approved with indemnity of the owners, their spouses and the LLC✯
✯Bond costs less than 3% per year✯
✯No collateral required✯


$1,400,000 Performance and Payment bond

✯Unique scope of work – Air traffic control services✯
✯3-year contract with an annually renewable bond✯
✯Approved with indemnity of the owner, their spouse and the company✯
✯Bond costs 2.25% per year✯
✯No collateral required✯

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