Lottery Bond

Lottery Bond Lottery Bond Up to $250,000 CCI Surety handles Lottery Bonds, even with a low credit score. In fact, in most cases CCI Surety does not require a credit report in order to issue lottery bonds under $250,000. The only thing we need to get started is the application below. Lottery Bond Application What […]

NMLS Electronic Surety Bond

NMLS Electronic Surety Bond Electronic Surety Bonds in General An electronic surety bond replaces traditional bonds that are printed, signed and usually sealed by the issuing surety. The transition to various surety bond formats has occurred rather slowly and intermittently across different areas. Eventually most if not all surety bonds will be issued electronically. What […]

Express Scripts Bond – Available Through CCI Surety

Express Scripts Bond – Application Information Successful applicants seeking for a Provider Agreement with Express Scripts must provide a $500,000 Express Script Bond There are many requirements in the bonding process. Express Scripts is requiring a Bond in the amount of $500,000. In addition, the Express Scripts Bond must be obtained through a bonding entity […]

Release of Lien Bond

Release of Lien Bond In most situations, Release of Lien Bonds are written with 100% Collateral as a condition. CCI Surety has options without 100% collateral requirements with clients with a range of credit scores and financial strength. The strongest accounts with high credit scores and strong financial information may have Release of Lien Bonds […]

SBA Quick Bond Program

SBA Quick Bond Program SBA Quick Bond Program Increase to $400,000 SBA Quick Bond Application The SBA Quick Bond Program, previously capped at $250,000, is designed to help contractors that are declined from other programs due to low credit score or other reasons. The SBA Quick Bond program is now being extended up to $400,000 […]

P3 Projects

P3 Projects or Public Private Partnerships P3 Projects in the news There is bipartisan agreement in Washington, D.C. that an infrastructure bill is needed. How that agreement is made and when it is passed remains in question. One thing that appears certain is that P3 Projects are going to be a part of the solution. […]

BMC-84 Bond

BMC-84 Bonds – Claims and Other Factors Freight Brokers were required to increase their bond size to $75,000. Initially these bonds were expensive and very difficult to place. Multiple factors have changed in the last few years and some Freight Brokers are looking to return to the industry after deciding to forego the more difficult […]

CCI Surety Account Profile – No Collateral

Account Profile – $2,322,000 Final Bond We often work with agents and contractors that see collateral as an easy way to obtain bonding. In this instance a new agent to CCI had a DBE contractor that was running a successful business but the financials were not improving. The contractor was at a crossroads, he was […]

Southwest Regional Office

Southwest Regional Office We are excited to announce Ethan Baker and Sydney Epema will be leading our new office location focusing on contract bonds in the Southwest! Ethan Baker ebaker@ccisurety.comĀ  Ethan Baker joins CCI Surety with over 10 years of agency and surety experience in the Phoenix area. In addition, his IT background make him […]

Account Profiles – Good Experience, Bad Credit

Account Profile – $245,000 Final Bond An agent approached CCI Surety with a long time Fire Alarm Installation Contractor client that didn’t typically work on bonded projects. Our biggest challenge with this account was the low personal credit scores of both the husband and wife who owned the company.We can often handle accounts that have […]