New SBA Guildlines

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CCI Surety Can Help Rapidly Growing Contractors!

✯ Five-Year average revenue is now an option✯
✯ Three-Year average revenue can still be used✯
✯ We can review existing accounts under the new guidelines✯
Effective January 6th, 2020 new rules will be implemented when calculating a contractor’s size in the SBA Bond Guarantee Program. This means CCI Surety can now utilize either the 3 year OR 5 year average calculation to find the best available program for your contractors.
Businesses that lost SBA eligibility under 3-year averaging may once again qualify as small!

Bid, Performance & Payment, Subdivision, and Many More

✯ Previously declined accounts ✯
✯ Low credit score programs ✯
✯ Get contractors out of collateral programs ✯
✯Accounts looking for larger bond lines ✯
✯ In-House financials OK to start ✯
✯Most projects under $400,000 do not require financials✯
Projects $400,000 or Less          Submit Existing Files        Projects Over $400,000

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