Contract Surety

Post by – Joe Allen – Subdivision – Reclamation – Maintenance – Bid – Performance & Payment – Supply Stuck with collateral offers? Looking to grow out of a quick program? New business looking to obtain bonding? Project already started? Declined by Standard Carriers? If any of the above pertains to your contractors, give us […]

Subdivision Bond Programs

Post by – Joe Allen – In addition to bid and performance & payment bonds, CCI Surety also has strong options on many other types of bonds including subdivision bonds. We compete when your contractor is declined due to their credit and/or financials, receives collateral offers, or cannot obtain approval for the size of bond they are […]

Small Contractor Program

Post by – Joe Allen – Many contractors are new to bonding or focusing on smaller projects in order to grow their business. CCI Surety’s Small Contractor Program was created to get your contractors on the job quickly, with minimal paperwork involved. If your contractor has been declined due to credit or experience, let us […]

Spring Contractor Bonding

Post by – Joe Allen – Spring is fast approaching and contractors around the country will be looking to place bid and performance & payment bonds of all sizes. CCI Surety has in-house underwriting authority of $3MM and under. Which means you will be working directly with the underwriter reviewing your account. CCI Surety, Inc […]

Larger Bonds

Larger Bonds Contractors can be pre-qualified for larger bonds CCI Surety focuses on helping contractors obtain larger bonds. Sometimes a contractor may be able to qualify for bonds through quick programs that limit the size of project that can be bonded. With standard markets, larger bonds often require CPA prepared financial statements in order to […]

P3 Projects

P3 Projects or Public Private Partnerships P3 Projects in the news There is bipartisan agreement in Washington, D.C. that an infrastructure bill is needed. How that agreement is made and when it is passed remains in question. One thing that appears certain is that P3 Projects are going to be a part of the solution. […]

New SBA Bond Guarantee Program

This February we were excited to report the increases to the new SBA Bond Guarantee Program. In March, we are even more excited to report that we are already having success utilizing the program for bonds that would have previously been too large for the SBA Bond Guarantee Program. Most recently, our Florida Office was […]

SBA Details

All of the accounts we work on are non-standard, which means they always have at least some challenges. Even though we’ve had a long history of success utilizing the old SBA Guarantee Program limits, I was interested to see how working with larger contracts would go. Working closely with the SBA, agent, and contractor we […]

SBA Bond Program Limits Increase

SBA Increases Project Size Limit to $10M – details: Previous Maximum $2M per project New Maximum Project Size $6.5M – On any bond, subject to normal underwriting consideration outlined in the previous SBA Guidelines $10M – Possible on any bond, subject to normal underwriting consideration outlined in the previous SBA Guidelines and performed for a […]

SBA Bond Program Made Easy – Basic Guidelines

Project Size Up to 2x the largest completed project ($2M maximum per individual project) 15 to 20x available working capital (for all projects) – Lines of Credit are included as working capital – Contractors with negative working capital may also be eligible using additional tools Business Size Allowable business sizes based on total sales and […]